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Venture Outside the Box

We help identify and nurture high tech, high growth, high potential startups in Southeast Ohio.


Discover the Innovative Impact of TechGrowth Ohio

TechGrowth Ohio is Southeast Ohio’s ultimate connection for innovation. Our award-winning program delivers world-class venture-development support across 19 counties of Ohio.

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Our Unique Strategy for Nurturing Technology

Focused exclusively on early-stage tech companies with high growth potential, we provide intensive technical assistance, talent recruitment and development, and seed-stage and co-investment opportunities.




“TechGrowth was the key resource that propelled us to grow. They have been a crucial support during our journey, from developing our initial “Proof of Concept” to enabling our capital raises.”

David Carter, CEO and co-founder of Jersey Watch

Trusted Partners

TechGrowth Ohio has a network of trusted partners that provide various types of support and expertise to the startups it works with. These partners include venture capital firms, angel investors, experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, academic institutions, and other organizations that offer resources and guidance to early-stage companies. By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of trusted partners, TechGrowth Ohio can provide startups with the tools and resources they need to succeed and grow.

Innovation Doesn’t Wait.

Discover the growth potential for your technology startup in Southeast Ohio.

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