College Technology Internship Program with Ohio’s Department of Development

Hire a STEM Intern This Summer and OhioDevelopment Could Cover Up to Two-Thirds of their Salary!

The College Technology Internship Program, formerly the Diversity & Inclusion Technology Internship Program, can connect you with the best and brightest upcoming talent to fill your tech needs.  Not only are they taught how to create mobile apps, websites and have broad knowledge around websites and mobile apps, they are what a company wants. This is the time to hire the talent companies need with the expertise you expect. We’ll reimburse two-thirds of the intern’s wages up to $7,500. You can be a technology company or simply a company with a technological need.

Do take note that companies will need to provide a meaningful internship experience, must have non-residential work space, and must hire interns as employees (W-2). You can hire as many as 10 interns for different positions. The minimum wage for interns is $15 per hour but can exceed that amount.



College Technology Internship Program –

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