Providing talent, building capacity

Turning innovative technology into sustainable businesses is challenging work that takes more than one special kind of talent. TechGrowth Ohio provides external talent with expert Executives in Residence who provide companies with intensive operational assistance and coaching uniquely tailored to your business.

TechGrowth Ohio has collected and integrated a collaborative system of experts who can accelerate the pathways that bring discoveries into commercial or societal use. Knowing how to translate market-driven research into products or processes with commercial value is the business of technology commercialization.  TechGrowth Ohio also draws upon the successful track record of university commercialization at Ohio University’s Technology Transfer Office.

In addition, we help companies source new hires for the leadership and executive-level positions so critical along the way in the lifecycle of growth companies. Often, the skills that developed your invention or idea are not the same skills that are needed to bring that invention to market. An important part of business success is recognizing the need for a management team and adequately preparing your company for a well-rounded team, a team that may or may not include you in a subordinate or ancillary role.