Introduction to TechGrowth Ohio

Supporting start-up technology companies generate jobs and builds the economy of Southeastern Ohio.  Small businesses create the majority of new employment in the economy, and focusing on assistance to startups has a major economic impact.  In fact, TechGrowth has generated over $1B in economic activity since 2007 and nearly 858 new, high-paying jobs in the region. The video is an introduction to TechGrowth Ohio and our powerful economic engine.

FEATURED COMPANY: Stirling Ultracold

TechGrowth Ohio success story Stirling Ultracold employees talk about their experience in working at the growing, vibrant company in Athens, Ohio. “We make it possible to find the cure for cancer, and to do good for the environment at the same time,” Neill Lane, CEO, states. Audio and photos by Melissa Riggs, Voinovich School Photojournalism Fellow 2014-15.

EVENTS: Third Annual Innovation Award

Featuring keynote speaker Rick Hawkins, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lumos Pharma, the Third Annual Innovation Awards Gala at Ohio University Baker Center on March 31, 2015, celebrated the work of innovators and entrepreneurs. Presented by TechGrowth Ohio and OHIO Center for Entrepreneurship