“Revolutionizing Bone Health: OsteoDx’s Breakthrough Study in JBMR+”

Funded by a NIH National Institute on Aging [1] Phase 2 SBIR grant [2], OsteoDx, Inc. [3] recently completed data collection for its multi-site STRONGER Study. Involving nearly 400 study participants, the effort was conducted through the Ohio University, Indiana University, and the University of Florida [4].

The multi-author protocol for this fracture discrimination trial has been published [5] in the peer reviewed American Society of Bone and Mineral Research’s (ASBMR) [6] Journal of Bone and Mineral Research Plus [7]. “We are pleased to have reached this milestone and to further unlock the potential of this technology through the analysis of this trove of data, with publication of the full pivotal clinical study outcomes pending shortly”, says Dr. Brian Clark [8], Principal Investigator and Executive Director of the Ohio Musculoskeletal & Neurological Institute (OMNI) at Ohio University [9]. OsteoDx continues its work to demonstrate the potential of its Cortical Bone Mechanics Technology (CBMT) [10]. On its path to an FDA application, the company is working in partnership along multiple fronts to exhibit its clinical utility. For example, they have recently begun The Reclast Response Study to examine the potential for CBMT to detect and monitor changes in patient bone-health resulting from osteoporosis drug treatments.

The forthcoming publication in JBMR+ is a testament to OsteoDx’s dedication to advancing the field of bone health. As an entrepreneur and marketing expert, you can appreciate the significance of such groundbreaking research in shaping the future of healthcare. Keep an eye on OsteoDx and their innovative work, as they continue to make strides in turning good intentions into profitable solutions for bone health.

Stay tuned for the publication’s release in JBMR+ to get a firsthand look at the transformative impact of OsteoDx’s work in bone health.


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