The Coachability Mindset

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Coachability is an attitude to accept constructive criticism and willingness to grow to improve ourselves. Nothing can interrupt the process of coachability more than us getting in the way and staying out of our own way is half the battle to being successful.

What is a good pitch deck?

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A good pitch deck is a “deck” of 10-15 slides that provides a brief summary of your business. It’s called a “pitch deck” because it contains the specific details you need to “pitch” your business idea to anyone who might be able to help you build it. It proves to them that you have done your research. It helps them understand your vision.

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Southeast Ohio (Part 2)

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Part 2: Southeast Ohio covers 20 counties and only has a population of about 1 million people. With that small of a population, there is a notion that few organizations are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs thrive. I quickly disproved that notion by talking about the resources and services that are available to entrepreneurs in Southeast Ohio through TechGrowth

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Southeast Ohio (Part 1)

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Part 1: Southeast Ohio is often overlooked when it comes to new start-up businesses, innovative ideas and new technologies. Southeast Ohio covers 20 counties and only has a population of about 1 million people compared to other regions in Ohio. However, many resources and services are available to entrepreneurs through TechGrowth Ohio.

Founder Story: Yost Labs

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Yost Labs in Portsmouth is revolutionizing the motion capture system. Using sensors that attach directly to the body, the software can track movement in open spaces, allowing for realistic animation. Besides the human body, Yost Labs sensors can also be used to measure the movement of robots or navigate drones. Watch their YouTube Video.

TechGrowth Ohio featured in Innovation & Tech Today

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TechGrowth Ohio’s success as an incubator for technology startups in Southeast Ohio was featured in an article published by Innovation and Tech Today, a national publication covering the latest tech industry news. The piece praised TechGrowth’s success in contributing to the “red-hot” state of entrepreneurial growth in the 20-county region it serves.

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