Emerging Clusters

Southeast Ohio has many entrepreneurs developing technology businesses in a large variety of industry sectors.  TechGROWTH is interested in providing assistance to all new technology ventures.

Southeast Ohio has particular strengths and assets in selected industry sectors that are attracting businesses and encouraging startups.  These emerging “clusters” of economic activity in related industries create conditions conducive for mutual growth and success.

Among the industry clusters emerging in our region are:

Advanced and Alternative Energy

From solar power to wind energy, biomass to fuel cells, from advanced coal and natural gas to geo-thermal and hydroelectric, Southeast Ohio has existing businesses and startups with solutions to the nation’s energy future.


From medical devices to drug discoveries, Southeast Ohio has attracted researchers and technologists in a cluster of bioscience startups creating jobs and new companies in health-related industries.

Digital Media

From games and simulations to new ways of accessing the Internet and aggregating digital content, startup companies in Southeast Ohio are bridging the gap between the realm of virtual information and the world in which we live, work, and play.

Other concentrations of startup ventures bringing new inventions to market are classified as cooling technology, sensors, recreation, distance learning, bio-agriculture, and waste stream materials recovery.