Resources that create an ecosystem for business acceleration

Because TechGrowth Ohio is located at and co-funded by Ohio University, entrepreneurs have significant advantages. Not only do they have access to services and capital, but they also have access to facilities, technical assistance, and a government client base.

Strategic Partners

Additional Business Partners

These are just a few of the strategic partners with whom TechGrowth clients have worked throughout our long history.


TechGrowth Ohio aligns with regional entities to offer comprehensive support, including venture development, financial assistance, and talent cultivation to drive the success of tech startups in Ohio’s dynamic innovation ecosystem.


TechGrowth Ohio will partner with leading financial firms to provide early-stage tech companies with funding, strategic investment, and development support. Our collaborations aim to facilitate a robust network of investors, tailor financial strategies, and enhance venture development, driving growth from inception to industry leadership.

Business Services

TechGrowth Ohio collaborates with a spectrum of business service providers, leveraging legal, financial, educational, and branding expertise to empower our clients, fostering an environment where tech startups can thrive and scale effectively within the Ohio business landscape.