Resilient Medical Seeks to Transform the Recovery of Breast Cancer Survivors

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 Over 250,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in the USA each year. The two current surgical procedures for breast cancer are immensely invasive to the patient, both physically and psychologically. The least devastating initial procedure, a lumpectomy, is typically followed by additional cosmetic surgery.

Resilient’s Bravo™ device is uniquely designed to be implanted during the lumpectomy procedure. Bravo will allow patients to retain their cosmetic appearance and experience less overall pain, leading to dramatic improvement in the psychological aspects of recovery. Most importantly, Bravo will allow more precise targeting so patients receive lower doses of follow up radiation. 

“We believe Bravo will tremendously improve the total healing process for breast cancer patients,” said Resilient founder and CEO, Dr Andrew Weems, PhD.

Resilient Medical Corp (Resilient) is a recently founded medical device company, based in Athens, OH, working in the breast cancer space. The company has developed the Bravo, an implantable device to aid in lumpectomy surgeries for breast cancer patients. Its initial patent was filed October 2020 and is pending in the US and internationally.

The Bravo device is intended to address the cosmetic limitations of the lumpectomy procedure while simultaneously enhancing patient healing and providing a radiocontrast target for post-operative adjuvant therapies, which are a requirement for lumpectomy procedures. Ultimately, the Bravo will be replaced by the patient’s native breast tissue, enabling a healthy, confident survivor.

“We believe the size of the US Lumpectomy is roughly $280mm+ per year and that the value proposition of the Bravo will open avenues into several mastectomy market segments,” said Weems. “We expect to achieve FDA clearance for sale as a Class 2 implantable medical device within the next two years.”

Dr Andrew Weems (PhD) is an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Ohio University with specialization in medical devices and biomedical engineering. He has experience with translating medical devices from a university lab through the FDA to the clinic with Shape Memory Medical, LLC (Santa Clara, CA). Co-founder Dr ElizabethLawson (MD) has more than 40 years of experience with oncoplastic surgery, with her specialization being lumpectomies and breast conservation surgery. The cofounders designed, and are inventors of, the Bravo device.

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