Project Description

The Kettle Kanteen fundamentally changes the way you boil water for cooking and decontamination. Boiling your water is the most certain way of killing all microorganisms in water. With the patented technology of the Kettle Kanteen, you can boil water with the lid on, in an upright or horizontal position, in half the time of traditional methods, and at an increased temperature. As a wildland firefighter, I have responded to hundreds of disasters across the country. During that time, I have spent up to 6 months in the wilderness. I know what what it’s like to need clean water. So do thousands of emergency workers, military personnel, survivalists, campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Kanteen also eliminates the need to carry additional equipment and non-renewable fuel such as butane or propane. This not only reduces the amount of weighty have to carry, it supports our company’s mission to promote a more sustainability way of living. When you boil it down … water is life.

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