TechGROWTH invites independent, professionally-managed investment funds to evaluate qualified companies in our deal flow pipeline, co-invest with TechGROWTH in syndicated rounds to share resources and risks, and provide follow-on funding for portfolio companies as their enterprises scale and meet threshold criteria. 

Working with TechGROWTH, investors benefit from early looks at emerging opportunities. TechGROWTH targets resources to eliminate obstacles, overcome hurdles, and reduce risks identified by investors to make investment opportunities more attractive. TechGROWTH continues to work with portfolio companies post-investment to develop the venture towards achieving milestones, growth, and exit.

Deal Flow

TechGROWH is widely recognized as the gateway for technology entrepreneurs in Southeast Ohio.  TechGROWTH’s extensive network of partners and collaborators has established a system of recruitment and referral resulting in a robust pipeline of investable opportunities.

A distinguishing feature of TechGROWTH’s deal flow generation is that opportunities are not just found and vetted: they are actively prepared for investment-readiness and investment-worthiness. 

Investment Focus

TechGROWTH Ohio will invest in seed-stage technology companies that meet the following criteria:

  • have a substantial presence in, a meaningful impact on, or a strategic connection to the economy of Southeast Ohio.
  • have proprietary technologies, processes, or business methods that constitute a meaningful “barrier to entry” providing a competitive edge in target markets;
  • have the potential to scale and serve a significant addressable market of sufficient merit to warrant serious investment consideration; and
  • present an executable capital access plan tied to milestone achievements whose initial accomplishments can be obtained with the funding provided by TGF II.


TechGROWTH serves the investment community by preparing companies to present investment opportunities worthy of consideration.

TechGROWTH is often the “first-in” investor with non-dilutive “Growth Funding” dollars designed to validate the opportunity, technology, and market adoption needed to qualify companies for pre-seed investment. TechGROWTH performs comprehensive diligence and shares materials to assist in evaluating investment decisions. TechGROWTH negotiates and closes deal terms shared by all participants in a syndicated round. Post-investment, TechGROWTH provides board representation, monitoring, and reporting services to participating investors.

TechGROWTH seeks investment partners to consider and advise on deal flow identified and prepared through TechGROWTH’s commercialization assessment and assistance programs. TechGROWTH invites investment partners to participate in syndicated rounds led by TechGROWTH in initial and follow-on investment rounds.