Innovation in Ohio’s Development Ecosystem

We are thrilled to share some exciting updates and highlights showcasing TechGrowth Ohio’s active engagement and commitment to driving innovation and collaboration in Ohio’s development ecosystem.

OhioSE Network of County Economic Development Directors

TechGrowth Ohio has been actively participating in meetings with the OhioSE Network of County Economic Development Directors. These engagements have been instrumental in fostering collaboration, sharing resources, and driving development initiatives across the region. Our involvement underscores our dedication to supporting economic growth and prosperity in Ohio.Meeting with JobsOhio Growth Capital Fund

We recently had a productive meeting with the JobsOhio Growth Capital Fund, a crucial source of capital for both the state and the region. This fund plays a significant role as a prospective co-investor in growth companies, strengthening the economic development network and providing essential resources for businesses in OhioSE and beyond.

TechGrowth Ohio Team’s Representation

At the forefront of these engagements are our dedicated team members: Associate Director Jessica Koppelwitz, TechGrowth Ohio Fund President Lynn Gellermann, and Executives in Residence Ron Lachey, Karen Davis, Karen Sullivan, and Tony von Sadovsky. Their expertise and commitment have been invaluable in driving forward our mission and initiatives.

Our Commitment to Excellence

TechGrowth Ohio remains committed to excellence, innovation, and collaboration. Through our active participation and strategic partnerships, we continue to showcase the resources, support, and opportunities available to businesses and entrepreneurs in our community.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we drive innovation and global impact in technology and business together.

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