Many things mark the difference between success and failure for an entrepreneur, however two are most critical:  management talent and coachability.

Management: the Link between Innovation and Execution

The challenge does not lie in the quality of the innovation, but in the effectiveness of the execution.  You need more than the good idea or the brilliant invention.  You need a plan to turn idea into product. You need a plan to bring that product to the market where it can be sold.  You need to sell.  The skills that brought you your invention are not the same skills that will bring that invention to market.  You need a management team.  Recognizing this need and adequately preparing your company to have a well-rounded management team (which may or may not include yourself in a subordinate or ancillary role), is an important part of business success.


If you are not “coachable,” then TechGROWTH (or any other source of smart money) will not invest in you.  TechGROWTH is looking not only for innovative technologies that solve big problems, but for entrepreneurs who grasp the need for effective execution of a plan for success and who exhibit the flexible, adaptive excellence needed to carry it out.  You need the ability to listen, learn, think critically, and rely on the talents of others whose interests are aligned with yours.