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The Ohio University Business of Games Summit is a confluence of students, educators, entrepreneurs, technologists, and industry participants who are actively involved or want to know more about the business of digital games and e-sports. The summit, unlike many other industry conferences, focuses on the business of games, not just the technology or development of games themselves. We want to see the industry from the perspective of a young entrepreneur, an investor, a software or hardware developer, a publisher, or from player or spectator. We hope to make the summit an annual event that will continue to promote the industry and opportunities in Ohio, and ultimately encourage the creation of digital games, technologies, and companies throughout the Midwest.

For more information on the Business of Games Summit and to register to attend, go to gridlab.ohio.edu/bogs/.

The Business of Games Summit is hosted by the Ohio University Center for Entrepreneurship and the Game Research and Immersive Design Lab.

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