Ecolibrium Solar

Athens-based firm Ecolibrium Solar emerged two and a half years ago out of Founder and CEO, Brian Wildes’ expertise in product design, plastics, and solar technology.

Committed to producing efficient and affordable solutions for clean energy technology, Wildes developed Ecolibrium’s signature design: the revolutionary solar panel mounting system named the “Ecofoot.” Made of 100% recycled plastic, the Ecofoot is less expensive, lighter, and faster to install than traditional mountings. Paring affordability and durability, Wildes notes that the Ecofoot has the potential to make solar panel technology more accessible than ever before. The rapidly declining cost of solar technology has driven the industry in recent time, rendering solar energy competitive with traditional energy sources.  Ecolibrium’s innovative mounting system is enabling widespread adoption of solar technology.

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Introduced to TechGROWTH Ohio through its reputation for providing imperative assistance to start-up businesses, Wildes cites the diverse TechGROWTH services such as grant funding, patent protection, access to Executives in Residence, marketing, and referrals for much of his present success.

When asked what advice he would provide for other entrepreneurs in South Eastern Ohio, Wildes recommends that new businesses spend time building a strong financial framework for their companies. Seeking appropriate funding options, developing strong organizational skills, and obtaining relevant guidance are invaluable to shaping a future in which innovation can flourish.