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Ecolibrium Solar
"Ecolibrium Solar® is an emerging market leader in next-generation racking solutions for commercial and residential rooftops. Based in the U.S., the firm designs and manufactures elegantly simple, cost-effective, installer-friendly products that maximize solar installation efficiency and minimize costs. Its world-class, market-shaping mounting solutions are delivered with unparalleled service and support by dedicated, expert staff. In the global solar market for innovative, lower-cost, labor-saving racking technology, Ecolibrium Solar provides proven solutions, backed by satisfied users, industry certifications and third-party validations."
"FWD:Energy believes that true sustainability is achieved when positive impacts converge with positive economics. The company is working aggressively to develop facilities that create jobs and generate renewable energy and other valuable byproducts without causing financial or environmental burdens in host communities. FWD:Energy’s portfolio of facilities will be rolled out across North America, with the goal of safely and cleanly converting millions of scrap tires each year."
"Traditionally, hunters have used many concealment methods to hide themselves from wildlife while hunting. The GhostBlind® is designed to be an extra bullet in the hunting approach. The Adaptive Camouflage System™ instantly changes to perfectly match any surrounding environment, any season. It is like having unlimited camo designs in one blind. "
Promiliad Biopharma is an innovative drug discovery company that creates novel natural product-like small molecules in combinatorial arrays. Promiliad has developed a unique proprietary approach to the drug discovery process, a technology called ReBACS (Recombinant Biotechnology Assisted Combinatorial Synthesis). "
"QuickLoadz trailers are the world’s first no-winch, completely automated trailers for container transport. With QuickLoadz trailers, a single operator can move a container in three easy steps, without ever leaving the truck cab. QuickLoadz’s completely automated trailer design eliminates the hazardous, inefficient winch/chain/cable system integral to old-fashioned container transport trailers."
"Sanuthera believes in using the most scientifically validated and reliable methods and metrics to treat tinnitus to achieve the best possible outcome for every patient. Each patient has a different experience with tinnitus, and Santhura designed its process with the individual in mind. Currently under development, its tinnitus device can fit seamless into the patient's preferred treatment protocol. "
Stirling Ultracold (Global Cooling Inc.)
Global Cooling, Inc. manufactures and sells Stirling Ultracold freezers, a new generation of environmentally friendly ultra-low temperature freezers that operate at or below -80°C. These freezers do not use compressor-based or cascade refrigeration systems. Instead, they use patented free-piston Stirling engine technology developed for critical energy, aerospace and industrial applications