Cool Containers

Marietta-based Cool Containers, a spinoff from Farrar Scientific, developed a solution to “cold-chain transport” keeping high-value pharmaceuticals temperature-controlled while in transit.  Our services enabled this company to obtain the FAA certification needed to deploy its solution in aircraft, and enabled a successful ask of nearly $1M from investors and banks for tooling up and market entry.  We expect Cool Containers to become one of the largest employers in Marietta over the next four years.

“Their assistance was one of the determining causes underlying our ability to capitalize on our innovative technology, form a company around it, obtain the resources needed to transition through the early stages of commercialization, and take our product to the marketplace.”
-Lewis Rosenblum, CEO

Global Cooling

Athens-based Global Cooling transformed from a small R&D shop to a manufacturing organization, adding a variety of jobs at different skill-levels and introducing a family of products to global markets.  Our services helped this company raise $1.3M in investment capital to fund the transition.  Ongoing advisory services are crucial to the company’s ability to execute on its plan.

“ We were once a small group of inventors.  Now, we plan to grow to about 100 employees, all based out of our Athens facility,”

– Neill Lane, CEO

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Ghostblind Industries

Our transformational assistance to this Marietta-based company, starting from its initial ‘garage-built’ prototype into a nationwide manufacturing and distribution company running two shifts to supply a network of distributors that grew from 0 to 124 in 8 months.  We assisted with the company’s business plan, investment raise ($1M), manufacturing design, sales and marketing.  In a short timeframe, two local entrepreneurs brought an innovative idea to market, creating jobs and economic activity, enabled by our services.

“ They were vital in getting us launched. By having their help and the money they gave us they helped launch us like a rocket from day one,”

– Kevin Pottmeyer, co-founder of Ghostblind Industries

National Fingerprint

A Morgan county based company developed a solution to a problem, creating quick, inexpensive fingerprinting for large groups.  Our services assisted in obtaining patent protection for its innovation, government certification, business plan development, sales/marketing support, and investment solicitation materials.  The company hired initial staff, issued a Private Placement Memorandum, and continues to rely on OU support services for go-to-market strategizing.

E3 Technologies

Future jobs result from today’s start-ups. Newly-formed, Athens-based E3 Technologies brought on a new CEO, a project manager, bookkeeper, and lab technician to help finalize its product (waste water remediation and energy production) and transition from research to manufacturing. Our business services made this possible. We recruited the management talent, assisted with the business plan and company presentation that won startup funding, identified multiple market opportunities, and initiated global contacts for strategic partnerships. This company’s future growth and job creation will depend on our ability to sustain the support services it delivers.

“The professional guidance, grant support and investment capital that was provided to our firm really propelled us from the laboratory to the marketplace,”

– Kent Sheilds, CEO


“TechGROWTH’s investment will allow Sanuthera to take our technology and launch it into the market in about a year,” said company co-founder Jeff DiGiovanni who is also an associate professor and coordinator of professional programs in the School of Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences at Ohio University. “TechGROWTH will also be providing valuable management assistance to the board and management throughout the commercialization process.”

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