Do you have a great business idea but concerns about making a business of it?  An innovation that might be patentable but worries about the costs of patent attorneys? An existing small business with a new idea and hopes to make it grow?  Friends and family who’ve invested, but not enough resources to get all the way to commercialization?

These are all ‘gaps’ that trouble start-ups and early-stage businesses. The State of Ohio funded TechGROWTH to help bridge gaps for all entrepreneurs trying to commercialize a new technology innovation.  We are here to create jobs and build the economy of SE Ohio through supporting start-up technology companies.  Small businesses create the majority of new jobs in our economy, and focusing on assistance to startups has a major economic impact.  TechGROWTH can help individuals and companies who have innovative technology, who have a substantial presence in the 20 counties of SE Ohio, and whose business (if it is already a business) has less than 50 employees and less than $5 million in annual revenues.

The first step is to give us a call, or sign up online, and let one of our professional staff talk to you about your business plans.  This is confidential and free.  We talk to hundreds of entrepreneurs every year, and we bring all these conversations, and our own entrepreneurial experience, to bear in helping you decide on next steps.  As we help you think through your next steps, we will also work with you to accomplish them – at no cost to you.  We’ve helped over 500 companies this way since 2008.
If you qualify under our program, we’ll help you prepare to present your business plan to our Partners’ Group to compete for funding that can help you get to the next step: patent attorneys, temporary executive staff, prototype manufacturers, or the like.  We’ve offered funding like this to over 80 companies.

If your business needs and wants outside investment in order to realize its plan, we’ll help you prepare and qualify for the  investment you need.  TechGROWTH administers its own “pre-seed” fund that might provide your startup capital.  We can also help you present the opportunity to area “angel” investors, venture capital firms, or other sources of investment capital.  We help companies like yours acquire the resources they need to accelerate pathways to commercialization of new ideas and technology. Whatever gap or early-stage business problem you’re facing: give us a call, an email or sign up online.  We’re here to help you!