Marietta Sensors

“We’re trying to build a successful high-tech business with powerful job creation potential,” explains Marietta Sensors VP of Marketing Lucy DeLaat, “bringing better safety to work, school and research environments.”

Marietta Sensors has begun to thrive in Southeast Ohio as a pre-seed investment client of TechGROWTH Ohio. The innovative company offers infinitely-scalable security systems that function in any environment, whether indoors, outside or even in entirely underground locations. The cornerstone of their technology is the Marietta Construct, a matrix-like grid made up of small, independently powered transceivers. The ingenuity of the system lies in its self-sustaining nature, as the construct requires nothing from the outside world after it has been set up: the independent system does not depend on a phone line, cell network, GPS or even an external power source.

Once the Marietta Construct has been installed, the platform can be customized to serve the specific security needs of its customers. Marietta Sensors offers three primary variations of their technology: M-Avatara, M-Path and M-Atlas. The M-Avatara offers personal protection and the M-Path provides property protection. The unique M-Atlas allows customers to actually locate specific pieces of equipment, which the platform recognizes through key codes.

Though Marietta Sensors technology was first developed in 2006, it was not until Columbus entrepreneur and now Chairman of the Board, Sylvain Riendeau, connected with TechGROWTH Ohio that the company realized its full potential. TechGROWTH was instrumental in developing the final product. TechGROWTH satisfied Marietta Sensor’s need for technical expertise, introducing them to the engineering team of John Beal and Sean Flannery of BitFusion. TechGROWTH’s Mark Butterworth navigated the complexities of government funding to provide Marietta Sensors the financial assistance necessary to fund production. Marietta Sensors is currently in discussion with a number of high-caliber clients, including major medical research and commercial companies as well as foreign governments. With an eye on global expansion, Marietta Sensors stands to bolster local job creation for Southeast Ohio.

DeLaat emphasizes “TechGROWTH’s funding enabled us to finish production and final engineering to really bring our product to a market-ready state.”