Guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs

Team Mentoring

TechGROWTH Ohio matches startup founders with a team of mentors hand-selected for their knowledge, experience and expertise. Mentors give their time and energy to help guide the next wave of tech entrepreneurs on a wide variety of topics, including marketing, sales, finance, human resources and board governance. Mentoring content is often practical, operationally oriented and focused on helping the entrepreneur navigate critical milestones.


Volunteer mentors are founders, executives, venture capitalists and retired professionals from a broad range of industries. Having learned multiple lessons and discovered their own success, they are seeking to pay it forward and make a difference for new emerging startups.

Looking to meet innovative people, explore new technology ideas, tackle interesting problems and make a significant impact on our region? We are expanding our network of mentors to match with high-potential technology companies and welcome inquiries from qualified volunteers. Please contact Tanya Conrath at


TechGROWTH Ohio clients interested in team mentoring should contact an Executive in Residence or Tanya Conrath at